Congratulatory Remarks

  • Mr. Gyuback Ahn

    Chairman of Defense Committee, National Assembly

  • Mr. Taeho Lee

    Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs

  • Ambassador
    Michael Reiterer

    Ambassador of the EU to the Republic of Korea

Keynote Speech

  • Ambassador Philip W. Griffiths

    New Zealand | Head of Secretariat, Wassenaar Arrangement

  • Ms. Heidi H. Grant

    USA | Director of the DTSA

Session 1. International Export Control Policy and Way Forward
Discussion on Effective Management of Advanced Technologies and Ways to Enhance Export Control Mechanisms

  • Prof. Sunghoon Park

    Korea | Korea University, Jean Monnet Chair(Moderator, Session 1)

  • Mr. Dumisani DLADLA

    Republic of South Africa |
    Head of Secretariat, The Arms Trade Treaty

  • Ms. Michaela Miller

    UK | Head of Conventional Arms & Regimes, CPACC

  • Dr. Irina Kerner

    Germany | Senior Government Expert, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

  • Mr. Andrew Horton

    UK | Senior Technical Policy Advisor, ECJU

  • Dr. Sylvie Matelly

    France | Deputy Director, IRIS

Session 2. Ways to Enhance Defense Technology Security Mechanism and System
Trends in Advances in International Defense Technology Security and Identifying Areas for Improvement

  • Prof. Seungwoo Son

    Korea | Prof. Seungwoo Son, Chung-Ang University (Moderator, Session 2)

  • Mr. Woohyuen Zo

    Korea | Director of Defense Technology Security Division, DAPA, Korea

  • Ms. Dalwon Kim

    Korea | Director of Defense Technology License and Control Division, DAPA, Korea

  • Prof. Seungwoo Son

    Korea | Prof. Seungwoo Son, Chung-Ang University

  • Mr. Scott Nelson

    USA | Senior Regional Policy Advisor, DTSA

  • Mr. Wesley P. Hallman

    USA | Senior Vice President for Strategy & Policy, NDIA

  • Mr. George Tan

    Singapore | President of CAPTCIS

Session 3 . Paradigm Shift in the 4th Industrial Revolution Era
Use and Management of 4th Industrial Technologies for Effective Defense Technology Security

  • Prof. Jongin Lim

    Korea | Korea University (Moderator, Session 3)

  • Mr. Illimar Lepik Von Wiren

    Estonia | Head of International Relations, NATO CCDCOE

  • Mr. Mansik Park

    Korea | Senior Inspector, Korean National Police Agency

  • Mr. Christopher S. Francis

    USA | Senior Engineering Fellow, Raytheon

  • Ms. Junghee Kim

    Korea | Chief of Cyber Big Data Center, KISA

  • Mr. Taehyung Kim

    Korea | EQST Team Leader, SK infosec